iphone2b72bmanualiPhone 7 Problems Activation & iCloud Problems Restore – There are iPhone 7 activation problems and iCloud restore problems frustrating users on the iPhone 7 release day at home and in the store. The Apple Store trying to activate the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The blame bounces between carriers like Verizon and Apple’s own activation servers. While attempting to activate the iPhone 7 Jet Black hard to try several times just to get the iPhone 7 activated and then had to install iOS 10.0.1 on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Problems Activation & iCloud Problems Restore

We are already hearing iPhone 7 problems from Twitter who are having trouble with the iCloud restore to the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. When this happens the iPhone 7 iCloud problrms to restore is timing out and then saying could not restore.

Here’s iPhone 7 Guide fixes for this annoying iPhone 7 Problems Activation & iCloud Problems Restore.

iPhone 7 Problems Activation Fixes

If you are having trouble with your iPhone 7 activation, there are some things you can try to fix it. The first thing iPhone 7 guide is to simply switch your SIM card from your old iPhone into your new iPhone7. This may allow you to skip the issues that is happening between Apple and carriers to activate. This may not work in all cases and if you buy at an Apple Store they may not let you do it than activating the iPhone 7 over WiFi. You may need to go to a carrier store to get this issue fixed. This will likely sort itself out over the next several hours.

iCloud Problems Restore.on Updating iCloud Settings

Some users are reporting that the iPhone 7 is stuck on updating iCloud settings. We are also starting to see reports of iPhone 7 iCloud Restore problems on Twitter and from from others who have purchased an iPhone 7. Today is a very taxing day for Apple servers and that can lead to iCloud restore problems.

iPhone 7 Restart guide :

If this is happening to you, it is possible to restart iPhone 7 :

  • Hold the home button to start over or you can hold the power button to restart iPhone 7

This may put you back into the same issue though.

If you run into iCloud restore problems you can bypass it by creating a local backup on your Mac or PC and then restoring it to your iPhone 7 by plugging in. That’s the only real way around iCloud problems on the release day. You can also check out our iCloud backup problems and fixes if you cannot get your old iPhone to backup to iCloud.


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